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Minutes - 2012-09-04

Lumphanan Community Council, Lumphanan Village Hall,

Minutes of meeting

Tuesday 4th September 2012





Present: Alex Davie (AD - Chair), Steve Danton (SD - Secretary), Ian Nicol (IN), Jim Sugden (JS), Irene Thomson (IT), Brian Cruickshank (BC), Kenny Bain (KB), Cllr. Geva Blackett (GB), Cllr. Katrina Farquhar


Apologies: Denise May (DM), Jane Jeffries (JJ), Claudia van Zuiden (CvZ),


Absent:Cllr. Peter Argyle (PA)



Police presence:  None



Police update:

No police presence.

No Marr Local Policing update available for this meeting



Minutes of meeting– Proposed by BC and seconded by JS.  Draft minutes to be amended to correctly state Cllr. Blackett’s initials as GB and not RB,




Chairman’s report   No Chairman’s report to present. 



Treasurer’s report  - In the absence of JJ there was no report on the LCC funds.  However, JJ informed SD that the balance as of 04/09/12 was £3786.68.




Previous minutes and matters arising

  1. JS has to get the David Riach memorial bench to Dougie Reid for the work to commence with the replacement of the bench slats as agreed by Marion Welsh.
  2. KF agreed to enlist the assistance of the enforcement officer for the reinstatement of the SV sign by Hamilton House, which to date Scottish Water has ignored despite this being their responsibility.
  3. PA to speak with Landscape Services regarding the water-logged Lumphanan playing field as the drains remain blocked with roots and weeds.
  4. The planning application submitted by Mr W Brown to Aberdeenshire Council whereby the outcome was that full planning permission was required regarding the erection of a large agricultural building next to the Historic monument Peel Ring of Lumphanan.  Mr Brown has now moved an old container on to the site (with no planning permission) and the general consensus is that he may be intent on treating this site in a similar manner that he has done with other land he owns in Torphins.  SD to write to Historic Scotland to enlist their support as the site is adjacent to the Peel Ring of Lumphanan.  The pile of concrete remains an issue on the site.
  5. The alleged redundant street lights (according to Ralph Singleton) remain an issue as it is clear that LCC did voice an objection to their removal back in 2009 contrary to the story given by RS.  GB has been following this up with Ralph Singleton although he apparently now tells us that the removal of these two lights contributes to the reducing the Aberdeenshire Council carbon footprint although it is difficult to see how that is balanced against the installation of some 30 new lamp posts between Sundayswells and Torphins.  We need to see some definitive action on this.  Similarly, an issue has been raised at the same time with regards to the speed limits at each end of the village, which go from 60 mph to 30 mph.  Road safety is clearly not something that the local authority seems concerned about.
  6. AD to write to Scottish Water regarding their inaction concerning the removal of dead trees around the Sewage treatment plant.  An accident occurred recently where the branch of a tree went through a car window and caused damage to the side of the same vehicle.  Again it seems that a death or serious injury is required before any action is taken.
  7. The LCC is to seek matched funding to support the purchase of similar lights and the provision of converting sockets on lamp-posts (£150/lamppost).  Les Allan to be contacted about obtaining matched funding from the Marr Area top-up budget.  Agreed that £1000 - £1500 would be assigned to this by LCC.  JS to enquire about the cost of lights.
  8. The issue of the community taking over the Lumphanan Hall remains unresolved.  Views on this to be sought from DM.
  9. KB had not been paid for the purchase of toilet cleaning materials, etc,. In the absence of JJ a sum of £30 was provided to KB to cover this.  SD to seek reimbursement from JJ.
  10. The form for ordering of plants for the village for next year has to be submitted this month.  Bill Donald has the form and will be doing this as usual.
  11. The sign for the toilet has now been erected in the village. Thanks to the efforts of GB.



















































Correspondence received in post


  1. Aberdeenshire Council.   Lifelong Learning – Strategies Engagement, John Harding, Head of Lifelong Learning and Leisure


Emails already distributed by Steve listed below.

  1. Capita Conferences, Catherine Kennedy, venue announced for improving mental health in Scotland
  2. Capita Conferences, Richard Goddard. Public Service Reform Scotland
  3. Aberdeenshire Council, Norma Makin.  South Marr Community Safety
  4. Scottish Health Council, Melanie McGregor.  Better Together
  5. Aberdeenshire Council, Jacqueline Hill.  Bedding Plant Orders
  6. Aberdeenshire Council, Lizzy Shepherd. Various.
  7. Aberdeenshire Council, Lizzy Shepherd. Community Ward Forums – Aug/Sept 2012.
  8. Aberdeenshire Council, Lizzy Shepherd. MAP AGM and Community Gathering
  9. Aberdeenshire Council, Lizzy Shepherd. Various.
  10. Grampian Police, Jim Hume Community Engagement Inspector. Community Support Consultations
  11. Kincardine O’Neill CC. Bill Ashcroft. Local Windfarm Project
  12. Aberdeenshire Council, Lizzy Shepherd. Community Ward Forums – Aug/Sept 2012.
  13. Accessing funding and resources for Community Learning






Planning Applications

APP/2012/2414   16/07/12   Sundayswells Farm     Erection of agricultural  Planning permission                           Torphins

not required                        AB31 4YJ


APP/2012/2390   11/07/12   Steading at                 Part change of agricultural

Pending                             Quittlehead                 building to residential use

                                         Lumphanan                 (removal of business unit

                                         AB31 4QL                   approved under                                                             APP/2007/3140


Building Warrant Applications

BW/2012/3231     23/08/12  Kinnord                         Alterations and extension to

Pending                             Station Square              House


                                         AB31 4TE


BW/2012/3229     21/08/12  Newton of Auchlossan   Proposed dormer and

Pending                             Lumphanan                   associated alterations and

                                         AB31 4QB                    internal alterations


BW/2012/2582     02/01/12  The Mill                        Alterations and extension to

Approved                           Lumphanan                   form porch and conversion

                                         AB31 4QT                     of garage to form bedroom

                                                                            With en suite






-       Update on paths given by KB

-       Net in school playground is causing an issue as wires are poking out at school children’s eye level.

-       A clean-up of the recycling area is to be undertaken. Investigations have been undertaken for re-siting of area but nowhere else really suitable.

-       Kerb side recycling was originally turned down for Lumphanan on the basis of number of houses.  What is the current number? The question should be asked.

-       The so called ‘council underspend’ was raised.













Date of next meeting – Tuesday 2nd October 2012. 7.30pm – Village Hall