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LCC - Agenda - June 2013

1.       Open Meeting 19:30 Sharp!: Declarations of Interest

2.       Attendees, Apologies, Absentees and Police Presence

3.       If Present - Police Update

4.       Chairs Invitation: Attendees including members of the public are asked to raise issues or concerns that they would like the council to discuss and/or act on. Members are invited to propose / second new members from attending members of the public.  

5.       Speakers Corner:  No speaker this month

6.       Approval / Correction of Minutes of Previous Meeting


7.       Treasurer’s Report


8.       Status update of Previous Minutes. Removal of completed/closed Matters, addition/insertion of new and open matters. 


9.       Review Important Correspondence, Include in new business as appropriate


10.   Review following Planning Applications and Building Warrants. Add issues to new business as required.



The Pole


Erection of garage  



Plots 1 And 2
Main Road


Amendment to Building Warrant reference number BW/2006/5456 - Amend front door location, amend ramp location, include woodburning stove  


  1. 11.   AOB:

  1. 12.   Set Next Meeting Date:

  1. 13.   Close Meeting:

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LCC - Agenda - February 5th 2013

The following is a proposed agenda for Lumphanan Community Council meeting on February 5th 2013. The new order is designed to allow members of the public to speak without having to go through the entire meeting to raise issues at any other business (AOB).  Points raised will be given a serial number (eg: 301-1) and these will allow us to track them more effectively.

1.       Meeting Open: Declarations of Interest

2.       Attendees, Apologies and Absentees


3.       Police Update – Clarify any points before thanking them and allowing them to leave.


4.       Approval / Correction of Minutes of Previous Meeting


5.       Chairman’s Report & Discuss/Nominate Replacement Chairperson.

6.       Treasurer’s Report


7.       New Business
Hear and Note concerns and issues raised by attending members and members of the public. When they are sure we have all the relevant information, they are free to leave or stay.


8.       Review Correspondence, Include in new business as appropriate


9.       Review Planning Applications and Building Warrants. Add issues to new business as required.



Land At
Plots 1 & 2
Main Road
AB31 4TE


Erection of 1.8m Timber Screen Fence for Temporary Period of 3 Years (Retrospective)



Land to North East of
Ferneybrae Cottage


Erection of Dwellinghouse including Demolition of Steading and Change of Use of Land from Agricultural to Domestic Garden Ground and Formation of Access


10.   Discuss Status of Current Business and remove historical business from minutes


11.   Discuss New Business, Assign Action Member/s & Add to Current Business as required.

12.   Next Meeting:

13.   Meeting Closed:

LCC - Agenda - Tuesday January 8th 2013

Agenda for Meeting 8th January

19.30, Village Hall


  1. Declarations of Interest
  2. Apologies
  3. Police Report
  4. Minutes of the last meeting
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Matters arising
  7. Planning Applications / Building Warrants
  8. Correspondence
  9. AOCB